• Water technology solutions

    The correct application of water is key to the quality of plants, vegetables and flowers. PB Techniek has ample experience in the application of innovative techniques for supplying plants with water and nutrition. Experience which is only added to every day.

  • Electrical for your entire greenhouse

    PB Techniek is the electro-technical installer for the greenhouse cultivation sector. We design, engineer, produce and install all systems used by modern greenhouse cultivation companies. Sophisticated technology goes hand in hand with our authoritative knowledge of the sector, ensuring the delivery of a system that does exactly what it is required to do; in your greenhouse, in your other operational spaces and in your offices.

  • LED and SON-T assimilation lighting

    PB is specialised in LED and SON-T assimilation lighting systems, which will ensure an higher return on your crop.

  • Your outdoor cultivation perfectly protected

    PB Techniek specialises in fertigation and sprinkler irrigation for the fruit growing and horticultural sectors. Our clients can count on reliable services and excellent customer service. We also lead the way with the latest technological developments and applications in those sectors.

PB Techniek, the supplier of electro- and water technology solutions and automation

PB Techniek supplies electro- and water technology solutions and automation for the international horticulture sector. We have more than 25 years of experience in a wide variety of projects. As an independent enterprise, we are able to work more decisively and respond rapidly to innovative market developments. Something which is wholly recognised by our clients: vegetable, flower and pot plant growers both in the Netherlands and abroad. With around fifty staff we have the in-house capacity to handle most large scale projects independently.